Astronomy on Tap returns to East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The ultimate Throwback Thursday features astrophysicists who study the most distant galaxies, that is to say, the youngest galaxies, that is to say, galaxies that are observed as far back in time as possible, and even the origin of the Universe itself. Confused? Grab a cold beer and let us explain.

Featuring a Game of Galaxies (win Neil Tyson’s Trash!) and tunes & astro-tainment from MC DJ Carly Sagan

Thursday, March 6, 7–9 pm

Matt Torrey’s

Iva Momcheva (Yale): Mapping the Universe in 3D
Pascal Oesch (Yale): Finding the First Galaxies
Ari Maller (CUNY): Cosmology Made Simple
Ned Wright (UCLA): Observing the Origin of the Universe

Stay tuned for more events in 2014:
March 13, How to Make Eggs in Space at the NY Academy of Sciences
March 20, Ding Dong Lounge
April 10, Way Station
May 8: Pacific Standard
June 12, Way Station
August 14, Way Station

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