AoT-Tucson #36: From Cradle to the Grave!!

This month, #SpaceDrafts (Tucson’s local flavor of Astronomy on Tap) has got two big disks with big bright glowy things (technical term) in the center!
Except they are really different from each other!

From Cradle to the Grave!! Protoplanets to Supermassive Black Holes!

 First, join Paola Pinnila (Steward Observatory) to learn about The Cradle of Planets: From Cosmic Dust to Planetismals! Then join Stephanie Juneau (National Optical Astronomy Observatory) for a trip to a much more violent and destructive environment – Supermassive Black Holes! The forecast here is Windy & Extremely Hot!

May 24th, 7pm, at the Borderlands Brewing Company (119 E. Toole Ave, Tucson AZ)
Click to RSVP on Facebook ( to help us for logistics! Come hungry!

The Borderlands Brewing Company (119 E. Toole Ave., Tucson)


Wednesday, May 24th, 7.00pm


Please! Thank you!

As always, Space Drafts is FREE and open to all ages! Bring your four-legged friends too!

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