AoT Lansing – May 2018

Michigan has finally decided winter is over (we hope!), so come celebrate the warm weather with a fun night of science and adult beverages at the Loft in Lansing (414 E Michigan Ave) on May 9th!

We’ll have talks from two professors from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at MSU, Dr. Shawn Wei and Dr. Matt Schrenk. They’ll be telling us about the Earth’s deep water cycle, how it relates to plate tectonics, and why plate tectonics might be critical for life on other planets or moons. We’ll also have trivia questions, raffles prizes, and scientists on hand to answer your astronomy-related questions.

Doors open at 7pm and the event starts at 7:30pm. As always this is a FREE event, so come join us! If you’ll want something to snack on while you expand your mind, bring along some takeout from one of your favorite Lansing establishments.

If you need elevator access, ask for assistance from the staff in Taps 25.

We can’t wait to see you!

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