Astronomy on Tap ATX #56, May 21, 2019

On May 21, Astronomy on Tap ATX will bring you our favorite––the undergrad show–at our 56th event!  At #AoTATX56, Eccentric Orbiter (Logan Pearce) will bring us the latest updates from the SETI project, a project that looks for extra-terrestrial intelligence.  The Schechter Function (Aimee Schechter) and Ann Dattilo will then tell us about the weird units astronomers love and use all the time.  Zili Shen will conclude the evening by telling us about the one star we all love––the Sun––and results from her recently published paper on solar physics.

#AoTATX56 will be hosted by our Host Stars, Chaos Cloud (Rebecca Larson) and AstroALee (Dr. Aaron Lee)! In addition, #AoTATX56 will feature Astronomy News by Major Merger (Sinclaire Manning) and Astrobit (Dr. Brian W Mulligan), trivia, and new AoTATX merchandise.  Finally, we will have telescopes on hand to look for exciting objects in the night sky (weather permitting)! Join us for a night full of astronomy fun over pints of beer!

As always, AoTATX is FREE and open to all ages! The North Door alley bar opens at 6pm. The show starts at 7:30pm. You can tweet with #AoTATX56 to ask questions during the show!  Find us on Facebook (Astronomy on Tap ATX), Twitter (@AoTATX), and Instagram (@AoTATX).

The North Door (502 Brushy St, Austin, TX 78702, Entrance at the back)
Tuesday, May 21, 7:30pm (trivia starts at 7pm, bar opens at 6pm!)

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