AoT Baton Rouge – 11 Dec Varsity Theatre

Welcome to the greatest science talks in all of Baton Rouge! This month we have:

Arshag Danageozian

Communicating Faster than Light

In the future when we terraform new planets, will we still be able to communicate with them on a daily basis? Currently we need decades if not centuries to reach the closest exoplanets, but quantum mechanics seems to suggest that we might be able to communicate instantaneously under the right conditions. This idea of instantaneous communication is what I will discussing in my talk.

David Browning

Physics of the Brain

I’ll be reviewing basics of the brain – what it’s made of and how it works. I’ll cover the tools neuroscientists use to study the brain (EEGs, fMRIs, etc.) and how these tools and techniques have similarities with the tools used in Astronomy. I’ll point out some physicists who have done or are currently doing research in neuroscience and expand on a couple of physicists and their research. Finally, I’ll be talking about the future of neuroscience and how physicists could play a role in its development.

Join us at 7 pm, 11 December at:

The Varsity Theatre

3353 Highland Rd

Come enjoy this FREE event at 7pm. Engage with real life astronomers and discuss the most exciting avenues of science all with the added excitement of beer.

We will have two featured short form talks with games, questions, trivia along the way!

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