AoT Baton Rouge – 11 Feb Varsity Theatre

Welcome to the greatest science talks in all of Baton Rouge! This month we have an extra special surprise:

We also have a very exciting set of speakers next month for our February 11 show at the Varsity Theatre, 7pm. Continuing our tradition of couples’ talks in February, we have the pleasure of hosting Astronaut Dr Serena Auñon-Chancellor and LSU Professor Jeff Chancellor. Serena was aboard the International Space Station for nearly 200 days in 2018 and will share the with us about this extraordinary experience. Professor Chancellor complements the astronaut profession fantastically with his research into the heavy ion radiation, such as space radiation, and the healthcare outcomes.

The format for this show will be slightly different, this month will be all panel after short introductions from our guests. We will have a short intermission for our normal game break. If you’d like to participate in the panel discussion, please join our live stream and chat on our Facebook page or send us a tweet!

Join us at 7 pm, 11 February at:

The Varsity Theatre

3353 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Come enjoy this FREE event, doors open at 630 pm. Engage with real life astronomers and discuss the most exciting avenues of science all with the added excitement of beer.

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