VIRTUAL SHOW! — Astronomy on Tap ATX #66, March 31, 2020

Our next event will be done VIRTUALLY on March 31st  at 7:30 pm CST

Due to the ongoing situation with the coronavirus and the need to help keep our community safe, Astronomy on Tap is going virtual this month! We are sorry to announce that we are canceling our in-person show, originally scheduled for March 24th. But don’t worry! We will be bringing you a virtual show for your streaming pleasure on March 31st at 7:30 pm. The structure of the show may be a little different, but we’re working to bring you a great show nonetheless, with Astronomy fun and our originally planned speakers!

Dr. Joel Green from Space Telescope Science Institute will tell us about ongoing efforts to do astronomy in 3 Dimensions! Taylor Hutchison from Texas A&M University will be teaching us all about galaxies in the early universe. “Musician by day / Spaceaholic by night” NASA contractor, Jason Achilles will tell us about exciting new work to bring back to Earth the sights and sounds of other worlds! 

#AoTATX66 will be hosted by our Host Stars, Chaos Cloud (Rebecca Larson) and Deep Space Shine (Dr. Micaela Bagley)! In addition, #AoTATX66 will feature Astronomy News by Whatamerger Jr. (Jackie Champagne) and It’s a TRAPPIST (Danny Krolikowski).

Stay tuned for more information about how to watch our March show. We’ll share updates through our social media and our email listserv.

A note about helping out during this time:
In this time of uncertainty and upheaval, our hearts go out to The North Door and Pueblo Viejo staff, who are the most impacted by the lost revenue from all Austin’s event cancellations of the coming weeks. We are so lucky to have The North Door as an incredible venue for our show and as great partners in bringing astro-awesomeness to you! Please keep them in your thoughts! We are also asking our amazing audience to consider supporting The North Door and Pueblo Viejo by donating at this link, perhaps what you would normally tip your bartenders, perhaps a bar tip + the cost of a taco, anything you can contribute will mean a lot to the amazing people who make our show possible every month!

We are also working closely with Astronomy on Tap Headquarters to bring you more cool digital content in the coming weeks. We’ll share what other AoT shows are doing and update you on our plans.

Enjoy Astronomy from your living room while you help #StopTheSpread and #FlattenTheCurve with #SocialDistancing

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy and are diligently reciting the Star Trek intro while washing your hands.

Find us on Facebook (Astronomy on Tap ATX), Twitter (@AoTATX), and Instagram (@AoTATX).

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