AoT Köln: Online Event #3, 3 September 2020

Join us at 19:00 CEST on 3 September when we learn about the nature and physics of pulsars from Prof. Dr. Michael Kramer! We will stream live on our YouTube channel:

Summary: “Image an object with a mass up to twice that of the Sun, squashed into a sphere with the diameter of Cologne. This sphere would be denser than even an atomic nucleus. If you then image that the object has a magnetic field of, say, a million times stronger than any magnet ever built, and if you then let this object rotate up to 40,000 times a minute, then you may come close to what a ‘pulsar’ looks like. Pulsars are not only extreme, but they are also cosmic lighthouses which fill the Universe with their beacons. Observing those signals from Earth, we can do a variety of precision experiments, from testing Einstein’s theory of gravity in ways that no other experiment can, to studies of the most extreme matter in the observable Universe. This talk will summarise some of the exciting properties and applications of pulsars, being objects that are still not perfectly understood more than 50 years after their discovery.”

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