Astronomy on Tap Los Angeles: September 28, 2020

Join us at 7:30PM PDT, Monday, September 28th for a virtual Astronomy on Tap, streamed over YouTube Live. We’ll hear from Dr. Konstantin Batygin: “The Planet Nine Hypothesis: An Update” and from Dr. Jackie Faherty: “Mapping our Solar Neighborhood”. In addition, we will host interactive astronomically-themed pub trivia.

The event is free and open to all ages.  Join us on YouTube at this link. To view our past events, see our location page.  For more information about our future events and affiliated lecture+stargazing series at Caltech, see our website.

One thought on “Astronomy on Tap Los Angeles: September 28, 2020”

  1. I loved the event. It was such a treat to see brilliant young scientists at the pinnacle of their fields “take off the masks” by mixing fun and crazy frivolity with serious science as though they were in college dorm rooms.

    Is it possible to get on a mailing list of yours that announces future editions of these events as well as the more strictly professional streamed astronomical presentations from CalTech that were mentioned early in the evening? I’m hoping you can give me some clarity about this.

    Very best regards, with many thanks for this all, Jim Lilienthal, San Francisco

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