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North America : USA

Huntsville, AL

Astronomy on Tap Rocket City
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twitter @AoTRocketCity, facebook @AoTRocketCity and Instagram @AoTRocketCity

Tucson, AZSpace Drafts in Tucson, AZ
Venue: The Borderlands Brewing Company
Host Stars: Ryan Boyden (Steward Observatory), Cassandra Lejoly (LPL),& Logan Pearce (Steward Observatory)
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Santa Barbara, CA

AoT Santa Barbara
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San Francisco, CA

AoT San Francisco
Organized by Sean McLaughlin (Stanford/KIPAC), and featuring speakers from Stanford, SLAC, NASA Ames, UC Berkeley, and elsewhere around The Bay. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

Los Angeles, CA

AoT Los Angeles
Organized by Dr. Cameron Hummels (Caltech), and featuring scientists from CaltechJPLCarnegieUCLA, and the Planetary Society. See our website.

San Diego, CA

Hosted by Dr. Lisa Will and Dr. Nick Galitzki. Follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook!

Santa Cruz, CA

Davis, CA

New Haven, CT

Astronomy Uncorked in New Haven, CT
organized by Meg Schwamb while she was
an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale.
(Meg is now a postdoctoral fellow in Taiwan at the
Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Academia Sinica

AoT CT in New Haven, CT
at BAR 
originally organized by Steph LaMassa,
now organized by Grant Tremblay and Bhaskar Agarwal.

Washington, DC

AoTDC in Washington, DCOrganized by Steph LaMassa (NASA GSFC). Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Melbourne, FL

Hilo, HI

Chicago, IL

AoT Chicago in Chicago, IL
Organized by postdocs and grad students at Northwestern University
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Urbana, IL

Hosted on the 3rd Thursday of every month, Astronomers from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign host a discussion on current topics in the field. So grab some food and drink and join us!

Now virtually livestreamed on YouTube (subscribe to AstroOnTap CU). Follow us on Twitter @AstroOnTapCU, Instagram @illini_astro, and Facebook (AoTChampaignUrbana).

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Louisville, KY

AoT Louisville

The third AoT in the (American) South, first in bourbon country and patron of Pegasus, Equuleus, Centaurus and the Horsehead Nebula.   Organized by Lutz Haberzettl, Gerry Williger and others in the Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, U. Louisville, and held at Monnik Beer Co.

Baton Rouge, LA

Boston, MA

AoT Boston
Organized by several MIT astronomy postdocs and a WIT faculty member. See our website.

Cambridge, MA

Baltimore, MD

facebook page

Lansing, MI

AoT Lansing in Lansing, MI
Organized by Dr. Devin Silvia at Michigan State University
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Ann Arbor, MI

twitter: @AoTAnnArbor

St. Louis, MO

Bozeman, MT

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Durham, NC

AoT Triangle
Organized by UNC graduate students and held at Fullsteam Brewery in Durham, NC, temporarily on YouTube!. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and upcoming events!

Trenton, NJ


Albuquerque, NM

Where beer and Astronomy collide

Las Vegas, NV

AoT Las Vegas is organized by postdocs and grad students of UNLV.
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New York, NY

Astronomy on Tap in New York City
Dozens of events in six bars and one aircraft carrier
starting in April 2013.

Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY

State College, PA


Pittsburgh, PA


Charleston, SC


San Antonio, TX


College Station, TX

AoT Bryan/College Station

Organized by Texas A&M grad students and postdocs led by Alex Riley.
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Charlottesville, VA


Seattle, WA

Astronomy on Tap in Seattle
at Hilliard’s Beer in Ballard
organized by grad students at the University of Washington
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Las Cruces, NM

AoT Las Cruces is organized by Wladimir Lyra and Emma Dahl, from the Department of Astronomy at New Mexico State University (NMSU). Follow us on facebook and twitter for more information.

North America: Canada

London, ON

Link to launch event

Toronto, ON

AoT T.O. presented by the Dunlap Institute in Toronto, Canada

Montreal, QC

AoT MTL, Qc, Canada

Organized jointly by AstroMcGill and by the Institute for Research on Exoplanets.

Events alternate between French and English!

South America


Chile, Santiago

AoT Chile in Santiago

Chile, Valparaíso

Facebook page

Colombia, Bogotá

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Colombia, Bogota





Copenhagen, Denmark

AoT Copenhagen
Organized by astronomer in Copenhagen. Events are held every month at Huset.

Aarhus, Denmark

AoT Aarhus
Organized by postdocs and grad students at Aarhus University. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for news and information about upcoming events.





AoT Portsmouth
The first UK based Astronomy on Tap location! We have had several events so far, every 3 months. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or email us at astronomyontapportsmouth@gmail.com for more information. See you at one of our events soon! 🙂




Astronomy on Tap HD is a series of monthly astronomy events held in O’Reilly’s, Heidelberg. Each event features two fun talks by professional astronomers telling you about the cool science they do plus a daft quiz. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more info.





AoT Leiden

Organized by postdocs and grad student at Leiden Observatory
Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and use our hashtag #AoTLeiden, and join our mailing list! (we won’t spam you  )

AoT Groningen logo


AoT Groningen

Organised by astronomy students, postdocs and staff at Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, with sponsorship from Kapteyn, ASTRON and SRON. Find us with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and #AoTGroningen!



AoT Oslo

The Astronomy on Tap in Oslo, Norway, organised by astronomers from the “Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics” and the “Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics” of the University of Oslo. Events are on last Mondays every 2 months at Brygg in central Oslo. Follow us on facebook and twitter to hear about future events!







Alpine AoT
Astronomy on Tap Bern is the first satellite in Switzerland. AoTBern is organized by PhD students and Postdocs of Bern University led by Daniel Angerhausen. Follow us on Facebook for more info.


Astronomy on Tap Lausanne offers a second satellite location in Switzerland.
Lead by EPFL students, National laboratories and the Swiss Space Center, the launching year will have a special focus on the Apollo program as we are celebrating the 50 years of Man on the Moon! Follow us on Facebook for more info!


Tel Aviv, Israel (future)


South Korea (future)


(Fly By event – so far)
Taipei, Taiwan


Melbourne, Australia