Astronomy on Tap on Tour in DC!

W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N, baby, D-C! Astronomy on Tap on Tour is coming to DC on April 16!
We’re gathering local DC scientists to explain their research on the Earth’s magma, surprises in the outer Solar System, imaging planets around nearby stars, and finding rogue super-planets.
Come “Drink in the Universe” with us!

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Where: Science Club, 1136 19th St., near the Farragut Station North Red Line Metro Stop
Happy Hour until 8 pm!

When: Wednesday, April 16, 7–9 pm


Volcanologist Diana Roman, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Eyjafjalla-whaaa??? Making People, Planes, & Volcanoes Play Nice

Planethunter Michael McElwain, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Finding Earth 2.0

Brown Dwarf Wrangler Jackie Faherty, Carnegie Institution of Washington & American Museum of Natural History
Cosmos Debunked

Dwarf Planet Expert Scott SheppardDepartment of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution for Science
Biden Time in the Outer Solar System

MC DJ Carly Sagan lobbying with games, prizes, glow sticks, & astro-tainment!

Image Credit: The Huffington Post

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Astronomy on Tap has been a liquor – I mean, labor! – labor of love for almost a year now. We’re entirely organized & supported by scientists & educators volunteering their time, efforts, and sobriety as well as covering all costs out-of-pocket, with the exception of small and very much appreciated donations. Sometimes we collect donations at events, but honestly we’d rather focus on the astronomy (and the drinking). Now that we have a fancy new website (they have the Internet on computers now!) we can accept donations online! Funds will be put toward glow sticks, presenter costs, promotional materials, and gloves for rummaging through Neil Tyson’s trash (safety first!).

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StarWink: Watch an Asteroid Make a Bright Star Disappear on Wed Night/Thur Morning

(This post will be updated throughout the week as more details and resources for this event become available. Please check back regularly.)

Update, Wed, 4pm: Well, it’s gonna be cloudy and rainy and we’re not gonna be able to see this thing happen. BUT, we’re still planning on hanging out in the bars from ~10pm-12-ish and chatting about science with whoever shows up. Come drink with Astronomers while it rains outside! We do this kind of stuff pretty regularly so check out our Upcoming Events and sign up for our Newsletter.

Update, Mon, 11pm: Weather forecast is not looking great but we’re planning on going ahead anyway. We might head home early if it’s cloudy but there will still be Astronomers in bars if you wanna hang and drink with us. We can talk about asteroids or gravitational waves and inflation. Whatever floats your boat.

Usually when it comes to observing the stars from New York City, we’ve got the short end of the stick: our skies are too bright and our buildings too tall. However, this coming Wed night/Thursday morning at 2am, NYC is smack dab in the center of the predicted path of an asteroid’s shadow! As long as it’s not too cloudy, we’ll be able to walk out onto the street and see an asteroid! Ok, not really…What we will see is the bright star Regulus disappear for a couple seconds as the asteroid (named Erigone) passes in front of it. The below animation is low budget, but hey, it does the job. We won’t actually see the rock, but rather just see the star disappear.


Astronomy on Tap is sending out crews of snarky yet knowledgeable professional Astronomers and Astronomy Educators to bars around the city to help y’all watch this astronomical event. We’ll probably hangout at the bars all night but will start the viewing and timing prep activities around 1am. The big event is predicted to happen just after 2am. As of Saturday, here are the spots we plan to be at:

Upper West Side: Ding Dong Lounge (Columbus Ave btwn 105 & 106)
West Village: Art Bar (8th Ave btwn Horatio & Jane)
Park Slope: Pacific Standard (4th Ave btwn St. Marks and Bergen)
Prospect Heights: Way Station (Washington Ave btwn Prospect and St. Marks)

Our friends at the Intrepid are also hosting a viewing event. They will have a darker skies and telescopes, but no booze.
West Side: Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum (Pier 86, 46th St & the Hudson River). RSVP required.

Even though we’ll be there to help you find Regulus, we’ve put together some handy star charts.

Regulus Finder Chart

AoT StarWink Way Station

AoT Starwink Pacific Standard

AoT Starwink Ding Dong Lounge

AoT Starwink Art Bar

In addition to just watching the bright star Regulus disappear, we’ll also be DOING SCIENCE! Turns out that the exact timing of the star disappearing from many different locations on Earth can be used to figure out the shape of the asteroid. Simply by using our smart phones (iPad/iPhone app) to record when we see Regulus disappear and reappear, we’ll be collecting data that Astronomers can use.

Even if you can’t join us at any of the viewing locations, you can watch and time the event yourself, watch the occultation via livestream (Ustream link TBA), or follow @AstronomyOnTap, #StarWink, and #StarWinkNYC. Can’t make it out Wed night but still interested in getting drunk while learning about Astronomy? Sign up for our Newsletter (scroll down) and check out our Upcoming Events at a bar near you. Also, consider Cosmos Bingo for your learning-about-astronomy-drinking game needs.

See the links below for lots more info about the asteroid occultation.

Hubble! Hubble! Hubble! April 10 at the Way Station

Update: We’ll have beer specials & giveaways from Peak Organic Beer!

The Hubble Space Telescope is nothing short of iconic, as close to a household name as any scientific instrument in history. (Can you name an instrument at CERN? Take that, particle physicists.) But why is Hubble so important and so expensive? What has it done for us lately? Is it worth $6 billion to put another large, long-lasting telescope in space? Find out at Astronomy on Tap on April 10 at 7 pm at the Way Station...

Hubble Deep Thoughts Jana Grcevich (AMNH)
Supernova Hunting with Hubble Or Graur (Johns Hopkins University & AMNH)
Lost In Space David Gaynes (director, Saving Hubble)
Six Billion Dollar Telescope: The James Webb Space Telescope
Jackie Faherty
(Carnegie Institute & AMNH)

Games, prizes, glow sticks, & astro-tainment from MC DJ Carly Sagan and telescope viewing from the Friendly Neighborhood Astronomer!

HXDF strip

Cosmos Bingo!

Update #4: NEW NSFW-ish BINGO! This one is a little different but a lot of fun. Phrases in italics are implied/suggested so instead of Neil saying them, you have to shout them out at an appropriate moment to put a marker on that square. Again, we do NOT* recommend these as a drinking game (*we totally do).

NSFW-ish COSMOS BingoNSFW-ish Bingo Cards:

Update #3: We’re over 500 likes! Look for NSFW-ish COSMOS bingo this weekend!

Update #2: Like our page on Facebook! At 500 likes we’ll make a more “colorful” version of COSMOS bingo.

Update #1: We’re thinking of hosting a viewing party in NYC for the finale in early June. Suggest a venue here.

Pick a card, any card!
Print one of the PDF files below.

Play along at home during COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY Sundays at 9 pm on Fox.
Squares are a combination of words we’re sure Neil Tyson will say and words we wish he would say… poor brown dwarfs never get any love!

Make it a drinking game (at your own risk…)!
This game is in no way, shape, form, or spacetime dimension endorsed by Neil Tyson, anyone working on Cosmos, anyone at FOX, or really, any sane scientist.

Bring your winning card (five squares in a row or column, marked with as much context of the mention as you can, or I dunno, a sticker or nacho cheese or something) to an Astronomy on Tap event in NYC for a special prize!