Astronomy on Tap 2014D at Pacific Standard, Brooklyn

Photo credit: Pacific Standard

Astronomy on Tap is boldly going where we’ve never been before … a different bar in Brooklyn! This time we’re putting the phun in astrophysics! Intimidated by the world’s scariest science? Don’t worry, it’s just rocket science, not brain surgery! MC for the night, DJ Tycho Brewhaha will ease you in with a game that tests your internet-pop-culture knowledge & creativity, and our presenters for the evening are especially talented at teaching science to kids so they should have no problem with drunk adults, right…? Right?!?

Plus, Pacific Standard is home of the famous Neil deGrasserac Tyson cocktail (pictured above)!


Pacific Standard
82 Fourth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
When: Thursday, May 8, 7–9 pm

Cat Garland (Castleton State College)
Pigeon Poop in My Telescope
Russ Taragan (AMNH)
The New Ocean
Tim Paglione (York College, CUNY)
Spaceshow Science
Christina Pease (AMNH)
Fun with Force Fields

MC DJ Tycho Brewhaha with games, prizes, glow sticks, & astro-tainment!

Astronomy on Tap returns to New Haven, CT on April 15

Tuesday, April 15, 8–10 pm


Supernova: The Universe’s Fireworks
Emma Walker
Post-doc @ Yale Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics

Discover the Early Universe LIKE A BOSS
John Parekjo
Associate Research Scientist @ Yale Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics/Sloan Digital Sky Survey Operations Software Lead

Probing the First Galaxies
Pascal Oesch
Yale Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics Fellow

Galaxy Clusters
Camille Avestruz
Grad Student @ Yale Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics


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