DJ Carly Sagan performs at INTRO TO SCICOMEDYOLOGY, December 1 at 8 pm

AoT NYC’s own DJ Carly Sagan (billed as mild-mannered astronomy Emily Rice) will be performing at the SciArt Center of New York‘s INTRO TO SCICOMEDYOLOGY held at Under St. Marks Theater, December 1st, 8pm! Tickets are $5.

From SciArt Center:

A chemist, an RNA biologist, a physicist, a neuroscientist, and an astronomer walk into a bar…
Want to know how this one ends? Join SciArt Center for its first-ever science-comedy night, ‘INTRO TO SCICOMEDYOLOGY’! 

We’re bringing in five hilarious and brilliant scientists to talk candidly about their work, and we’re throwing in comedian 
Ahri Findling ( to make things even more interesting. 

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