Galaxies with Dr. Felipe Menanteau at Astro On Tap C-U (Urbana, IL)


Science is even better with beer!

This month’s Champaign-Urbana Astronomy on Tap will be held Thursday, May 19 at 6 pm at Pizza M (208 W. Main St. Urbana, IL). Prof. Felipe Menanteau from NCSA and University of Illinois Astronomy Department will lead a discussion about galaxies – the building blocks of the Universe and the tracer of the its evolution over cosmic times – over pizza and a few beers!

This event is hosted by the University of Illinois Department of Astronomy. Everyone is welcome to this free event. For more information, check out our local Astronomy on Tap page, email, contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

Astronomy on Tap Seattle: May 25th at Hilliard’s Beer

THIS MONTH we will hear talks on the theme “real-life space oddities”, spanning a handful of the most mysterious astronomical objects ever seen or theorized. New UW Professor of Astronomy Emily Levesque will discuss her research on “The Weirdest Stars in the Universe”, and UW graduate student John Ruan will talk about the discovery of black hole echoes in a talk titled, “Citizen Discovers Strange Black Hole Echoes: The Science Behind Hanny’s Voorwerp.”

This month is the second month at our new home at Hilliard’s Beer! In this much larger space, we hope to continue to grow. So invite all your friends and remember to bring lawn chairs if you’d like to to make your own front-row seating! Outside food welcome.

Each FREE Astronomy on Tap event features accessible, engaging science presentations on topics ranging from planets to black holes to the beginning of the Universe. Most events have games and prizes to test and reward your new-found knowledge! There is always lots of time to ask questions and interact with the presenters and other scientists who inevitably stick around for the beer.

Originally founded in NYC, this is our 14th month in Seattle presented by graduate students in astronomy at the University of Washington. We’re thrilled to be hosted by Ballard’s own Hilliard’s Beer who will have a variety of beers (and plenty of astronomy) on tap.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates on future events! And don’t forget to RSVP!

AoT and Pint of Science, Wednesday May 25 7 pm in Manhattan

Astronomy on Tap regularly brings science and alcohol together. In our special event for the Pint of Science festival, we will explore the scientifical (and puntastical) connections between the two. Join us at the galactic bar as we sip on (or chug) stardust! Tickets are just $5, and as usual for non-free events, we’ll donate to Donors Choose!

What & Who:

Spending Too Much Time at the Galactic Bar
Adrian Price-Whelan (Columbia University)

Hey Milky Way, You Are What You Eat!
Duane Lee (Vanderbilt University)

Go Home Universe, You’re Drunk
Summer Ash (Columbia University)

Wednesday May 25,  7-9:30 PM

85 Avenue A
New York City, NY 10009

Space Drafts 24: Dirty Jobs: Solar System Edition and Our Future in Space at AoT-Tucson, May 11th at the Borderlands Brewing Co.

This month, #SpaceDrafts is with Michelle Thompson (UA LPL) & Prof. Chris Impey (Steward Observatory):

Dirty Jobs: Solar System Edition – Dust from Asteroids and the Moon
Our Future in Space!


This month’s two-year anniversary edition of Space Drafts will feature the soon-to-be-Dr. Michelle Thompson (LPL) on one of the dirtiest jobs in the Solar System – dealing with space dust from asteroids and the Moon! Popular author and Professor of Astronomy at Steward Observatory, Chris Impey will tell us about what we should expect from the coming century and beyond with “Our Future in Space!” Space elevators, reusable rockets, asteroid mining, and much more! As always, we’ll have telescopes setup outside if it’s clear, and there will be hot pizza and cold beer. May 11th, 7pm at Borderlands Brewing Company! RSVP!


The Borderlands Brewing Company (119 E. Toole Ave., Tucson)


Wednesday, May 11th, 7.00pm (Stargazing starts at Sunset)

Please. Thank you!

As always, Space Drafts is FREE and open to all ages! Bring your four-legged friends too!

AoTLansing #9


We’re excited to pack the The Beer Grotto for our ninth night of science and beer! This time around we’ll get a crash course in accelerator physics from Dr. Zach Constan and learn about the nature of supercomputers and how they make our lives better — especially for science — from Dr. Sean Couch. While you’re hanging out, pick the brains of our presenters and other local astronomers.  Stay until the end and fill out a raffle form for a chance to take home an awesome NASA-related prize! As always, we’ll have tasty food and drink specials.  Check out AoTLaning on Facebook and Twitter!

RSVP on our Facebook event page.

AoT Santa Barbara: Star Wars Special on May the Fourth


AoT Santa Barbara‘s next event will be a Star Wars Special held Wednesday, May the Fourth at Blind Tiger. LCOGT staff scientist & UCSB professor Andy Howell, together with UC Berkeley grad student Chelsea Harris, will talk about the science and astronomy of “Star Wars” and of “The Force Awakens”. Full details on Facebook, Twitter and this webpage.

Astronomy on Tap ATX #19: May 17 at The North Door

For May we have three awesome talks lined up:

Wobbling Stars and Finding Exoplanets
Raquel Martinez will tell us about the ways of hunting planets around stars

Preserving the Starry, Starry Night
Bill Wren from McDonald Observatory will talk about his work trying to keep the skies dark for us

A King of Infinite Space: The Astronomy of Hamlet
Dr. Dave Pooley will discuss the astronomy reference in Hamlet in celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death

The North Door, 502 Brushy St., Austin, TX 78702

Tuesday, May 17, 7.30pm (trivia starts at 7pm)

As always, AoTATX is FREE and open to all ages!