AoT Santa Barbara on Wednesday, September 7 at M8RX


Join us to hear about bending light to find other worlds and how to catch a supernova. We will also cover the latest astronomy in the news, and give away some of our cool Astronomy on Tap beer glasses. Join our event on Facebook for updated details.


The event is hosted by Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope (LCOGT). This month’s speakers are Rachel Street (staff scientist at LCOGT) and Griffin Hosseinzadeh (graduate student at UCSB and LCOGT).


Wednesday, September 7th, 2016, 7:30-10:00p. Doors open 6:30p.


M8RX (formerly Blind Tiger), 409 State St. Santa Barbara, CA.

4 thoughts on “AoT Santa Barbara on Wednesday, September 7 at M8RX”

  1. Great presentations last night. Thanks so very much.

    M8RX is a decent venue for this. I assume that the overhead monitors, and AV are part of their bargain. Unfortunately, the beer selection is something I’d expect to see in a dive in Cayucas.

    Are there any thoughts about other venues? The Draughtsman in Goleta would be my first pick.

    • Hi Alan,
      Glad you enjoyed the event! Thanks for coming!
      Yes, the A/V and also the layout of the venue are critical. We had about 250 people this time, and I don’t think we could fit that many in another venue, especially if we want them to be able to see the stage and/or one of the screens (with the exception of SoHo which we’ve considered). Another consideration is location and parking availability. I think that’s not ideal for The Draughtsman.
      I will see if maybe we can get external beer providers to come to future events (might be complicated due to licensing issues, but we’ll see). Thanks for the feedback!

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