Space Drafts 27: Gravity! at AoT-Tucson, Aug 31th at the Borderlands Brewing Co.

This month, #SpaceDrafts (Tucson’s local flavor of Astronomy on Tap), we’ll explore that thing that surrounds us, binds us, and brings us all together. It is a Force, but it’s not got anything to do with Jedi or Sith! GRAVITY!

Dr. Kevin Hainline (Steward Observatory) and James Keane (LPL)
Hunting for Hidden Supermassive Black Holes
Our Moon’s Gravity: Results from the NASA GRAIL Mission

Gravity is weird! It’s super weak, but it is responsible for all the structure we see in our Universe, and it has measurable effects on the scale of billions of light years all the way to microns!
This gives us a great way to study it, by focusing on two very different regimes. James Keane will tell us about NASA’s GRAIL mission and mapping our Moon’s gravity, while Kevin Hainline will take us to a much more violent environment – around a supermassive black hole, where gravity dictates the motion of stars in an entire galaxy, and is responsible for the most energetic outbursts in our Universe!

As always, we’ll have telescopes setup outside if it’s clear, and there will be hot pizza and cold beer. August 31st, 7pm at Borderlands Brewing Company! RSVP!


The Borderlands Brewing Company (119 E. Toole Ave., Tucson)


Wednesday, August 31st, 7.00pm (Stargazing starts at Sunset if the Arizona monsoon cooperates with us)

Please. Thank you!

As always, Space Drafts is FREE and open to all ages! Bring your four-legged friends too!