Astronomy on Tap Ann Arbor – October 11th Exoplanet Extravaganza

 October 11th 2016
Conor O’Neill’s Pub 
Ann Arbor
Exoplanets! Are they just like us or are their properties completely alien from us? From just a few discoveries to hundreds, the number of known exoplanets has skyrocketed in just the last decade. For years astronomers have been using state of the art instruments to try to get a peek at our distant neighbors and find out what they could possibly be like. Our hosts into this exploration of new worlds will be a couple of researchers who’ve been devoted to the task of finding, characterizing, and understanding exoplanets: Juliette Becker and Dr. Emily Rauscher.
Join us at Conor O’Neills Pub at 7 PM for a foray into discovering the hidden properties of exoplanets, as well as beer, raffle prizes, and trivia!

Juliette Becker: “Measuring and Weighing Exoplanets, Big and Small”

Dr. Emily Rauscher: “Dissecting the Anatomies of Exoplanets”
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