AoT Leiden Launches on Monday, 27 March 2017

Our first Leiden edition will take place on Monday, 27 March at 20th in Grand Cafe De Burcht from 8-10 PM. Join us for an evening of informal astronomy and great beer! Inspired by the recent discovery of the Trappist-1 planets, the theme for our first event is “Extrasolar planets”! The event will feature:

– Dr. Christian Ginski is an expert on imaging of extrasolar planets using large telescopes around the world. He’ll tell us more about photographing extrasolar planets!

– Professor Matthew Kenworthy’s research interests include exoplanets and ring systems. He’ll talk about how to find planets like those recently discovered around Trappist-1!

– In between the talks, there will be fun astronomical games and quizzes! Use this opportunity to improve your astronomical knowledge or just show off to your friends!

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Astronomy on Tap is organized by professional astronomers connected to Leiden Observatory. All events are in (simple!) English and take place at De Burcht on the last Monday of the month – free of charge. We welcome all ages and backgrounds – a passion for beer and/or astronomy is a bonus!