AoT Leiden, Monday May 29 @ Grand Café de Burcht

The third edition of Astronomy on Tap Leiden will take place on Monday 29 May at 20h in Grand Cafe De Burcht. Join us for an evening of informal astronomy and great beer! This edition is about simulating the universe! The event will feature two professional astronomer speakers as well as games and quizzes:

– Grad student Francisca Concha Ramirez uses astronomical simulations to study how unique (or not!) our Solar System is. She will tell us how we can make simulations of astronomical events, and how we can use simulations together with observations to get a better idea of what’s going on in the Universe.

– Professor Simon Portegies Zwart uses Supercomputers to better understand the universe: ‘you can’t do research on the Universe in the laboratory, but you can have black holes collide with each other in a super computer.’ He will talk about how astronomers develop tools to use Supercomputers to their advantage when simulating the Universe.

– In between the talks, there will be fun astronomical games and quizzes! Use this opportunity to improve your astronomical knowledge or just show off to your friends!

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