AoT Leiden, Monday August 28 @ Grand Café de Burcht

Our next edition will take place on Monday 28 August at 20h in Grand Cafe De Burcht (Burgsteeg 14, 2312 JS Leiden). Join us for an evening of informal astronomy and great beer! This edition is titled “Drink up!“. The event will feature two professional astronomer speakers as well as games and quizzes:

– Christian Eistrup is from Denmark, where he studied exoplanets and how to find them for his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Copenhagen, before coming to Leiden to do his PhD. Now, his focus is understanding how molecules interact with each other in space, and which molecules go into forming planets: what are planets made of? In his talk he will tell us about water in space, and how we think it came to Earth.

– Merel van ‘t Hoff is Dutch, studied Life Science & Technology and Astronomy in Leiden, and is currently doing her PhD here. In her research she studies the material around very young stars from which planets will form. We can use this knowledge to better understand the formation of our own Earth (why do we have water?!) and the chances of finding planets like Earths around other stars. In her talk she will tell us how we can detect water in other planets.

– In between the talks, there will be fun astronomical games and quizzes! Use this opportunity to improve your astronomical knowledge or just show off to your friends!

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