AoT EDI #7 – IOP Scotland Festival of Physics @ Our Dynamic Earth

Where: Our Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Road EH8 8AS

When: Saturday 27th October

Time: Doors open 19:30, ready to start at 20:00

Join us for a special edition of AoT, programmed as part of the new Festival of Physics from the Institute of Physics Scotland.

    • Dr Yao-Yuan Mao (University of Pittsburgh) 
      Time Flies!
      We always say that. But how does time fly? And why? Why does time flow from the past to the future? Why can we move in only one direction in the dimension of time? What do scientist know about this mystery “arrow of time”? Maybe it even has something to do with the origin of our universe, who knows! 
    • Vasiliy Demchenko (Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh) 
      A Brief History of Astronomy
      Tonight we will explore out ancestors’ view of the Universe!  What did the ancient Mayans and ancient Indians believe about the creation of the cosmos?  Come and take a trip back to time
      in time and see the Universe through the eyes of the ancients.
    • Dr William Taylor (UK Astronomy Technology Centre)
      A Glimpse of Gaia
      Gaia is a space observatory currently making the most comprehensive catalogue of our galaxy with plans to look at almost one billion astronomical objects. It will enable astronomers to look back in time, and discover things about the Milky Way’s early days that we never knew before. Come and learn more about this special machine.

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