AoT Baton Rouge – 13 Feb Varsity Theatre

Welcome to the greatest science talks in all of Baton Rouge! This month we have:

Dr. Hannah Jang-Condell (U. Wyoming)

Exoplanets from Infancy to Maturity: How do Planetary Systems Form and Evolve?

Exoplanets have been discovered in orbits as close as 1/20th the distance between the Earth and the Sun, and as distant as hundreds of times that.  Hence, exoplanets are a hot topic, and they are also pretty cool.  One way to better understand planetary systems is to study their origins in protoplanetary disks.  Dr. Jang-Condell will discuss some of her projects designed to help interpret images of disks in various stages.  She will also discuss projects using the University of Wyoming’s telescope facilities to observe and characterize fully formed exoplanets, adding to our better understanding of exoplanets in general.

Connor Matherne (LSU)

Shooting for the Stars

You ever see those really cool Hubble pictures with haunting cosmic miasmas of gas and dust? Well YOU TOO can capture the spooky beauty of space with only a telescope, a camera, and some practice. LSU Graduate Student in Planetary Sciences will share some of his lovely space photography and show us the ropes!

Join us at 7 pm, 13 February at:

The Varsity Theatre

3353 Highland Rd

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Come enjoy this FREE event at 7pm. Engage with real life astronomers and discuss the most exciting avenues of science all with the added excitement of beer.

We will have two featured short form talks with games, questions, trivia along the way!

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