AoT Philly #3: September 19th

Astronomy on Tap Philly is back with our 3rd event! This September we will be featuring talks by UPenn’s own Dr. Dillon Brout, and Princeton’s Melinda Soares-Furtado. At this event we will discuss the crisis in cosmology, in addition to cannibal stars and devoured planets. Current astronomy news will be discussed and an exciting quiz will take place after the talks. The event is open to all, however as hosted at a pub, 21+ only. Find out more about our event on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Philly Philly!

Note: All donations made via the link go to Astronomy on Tap HQ, not to AoT Philly. AoT Philly does not accept donations. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “AoT Philly #3: September 19th”

  1. I would like to invite a college student with a strong interest in astronomy as a career to accompany us, but she is not 21. If she is accompanied by someone of legal age, may she attend? She would not be drinking alcohol of course.

    Thank you,

    Cynthia Olds and Ben Greeley

    • Hello Cynthia and Ben
      I have spoken to the owner of the pub and they informed me that she is allowed but that it has to be with a legal guardian.
      I hope that this helps.
      Thank you

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