Astronomy on Tap Chicago: Cosmic Explosions Across Space and Time (August 21, 2019 – Metropolitan Brewing)

Join Astronomy on Tap – Chicago at Metropolitan Brewing for an evening of space, trivia and beer hosted by your friendly neighborhood astronomers! Doors open at 6:00pm, trivia will begin promptly at 6:30pm!

This time we’ll be focusing on supernovae: those mysterious and incredibly bright explosions way out in the cosmos and we’ve got two expert guest speakers visiting Chicago who are excited to talk to YOU! But first, test your space and sci-fi knowledge with a few rounds of trivia – you could win beer, Astronomy on Tap merchandise, and more!

~~ Melissa Graham ~~
Some stars are notoriously messy, scattering gases around their environment like a celestial version of Peanuts’ Pig-Pen. If their neighboring star explodes suddenly under suspicious circumstances (as a supernova), emission from this refuse material can be used to identify the messy star as party to the crime. In this talk I’ll describe how messy stars provide astronomers — “cosmic homicide detectives” — with the clues to better understand stellar death in the Universe, and figure out which stars are killers.

~~ Andy Howell ~~
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