4 thoughts on “Seattle, WA”

  1. Do you have an email list that I could be added to? I just found out about this and it is too late to get tickets for tonight’s gathering.

  2. Do you have any speakers within your group of presenters who would be interested in talking to the Sequim Science Cafe, second Tuesdays at 6:30 pm? Perhaps an individual with ties to the Olympic Peninsula? Would appreciate any leads, as well. Thanks.

  3. Hi. It says that the Seattle events are the 4th Wednesday of the month but I see that February was on the 20th which was the 3rd Wednesday. Trying to plan so that I could attend with my kids. Could you please let me know if we’re talking the 3rd Wednesday, etc.? I’m not on Facebook so it makes a little bit more of a challenge. Thanks!


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