SpaceDrafts Vids!



Space Drafts #38: Solar Eclipse & Pluto




Space Drafts #37: Solar system coolness!



Space Drafts #27: Gravity Special!

Space Drafts #26: JWST Special!

Space Drafts #25: Asteroid Day Special!

Space Drafts #24: Two year anniversary special! Space dust! Our Future in Space!

Space Drafts #23: Deja Vu Supernovae and Ice on Mars!

Space Drafts #22 Bubbles in Beer

(the second half of our talk was sadly not recorded when someone bumped our USB cable 🙁  – be careful around the recording equipment patrons!)

Space Drafts #21: New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider & the Dawn Mission to Dwarf Planet Ceres!

Space Drafts #20: Bending Light to study the Universe’s earliest galaxies!

Space Drafts #19: The Explosive Deaths of Massive Stars!

Space Drafts #18: Small Stars, Small Planets and what we’re learning from NASA’s Kepler Mission