AoT on the Couch! Thursday, April 9, 2020


To mark the seventh orbit-versary of the very first Astronomy on Tap event in NYC, satellite locations around the world are merging to ignite a 7 hours for 7 orbits astro-vaganza of content from across the globe. Tune in to the Astro on Tap HQ youtube channel to enjoy a variety of talks, live Q&A, games, and other surprises!

Learn about: Black Holes, Astrobiology, Radio Astronomy, Exploding Stars, Spiders from Mars, NASA missions, Space Telescopes, Aurora on Alien Worlds, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, General Relativity, Exoplanets, Cosmology, the Harvard Computers, Science in the Movies, Ocean Worlds, Galaxies, Supermassive Black Holes, the Vera Rubin Observatory, and of course, Astronomy in the News!

Presenters include: Ewine van Dishoeck, Iair Arcavi, Alan Roy, Stephanie Juneau, Liam Perera, Meg Schwamb, Sandra Unruh, Chris Lintott, Sarah Hörst, Matthew Pryal, Nathalie Ouellette, Renée Hlozek, Niall Deacon, Katie Mack, Ashley Pagnotta, Joe Bramante, Jacob Luhn, Andy Howell, Christine Ray, Jessie Christiansen, Alex Riley, Joe Burchett, Megan Donahue, Andres Plazas-Malagon, plus DJ Carly Sagan and a special guest star!


00:01:54       Trailer by Rachael Livermore with music by Jason Achilles Mezilis

00:07:00 DJ Carly Sagan on The Cosmology of AoT           

00:32:20 AoT Satellite Greetings

00:33:18 Dr Eleni Vardoulaki TEAM EU Intro

00:34:41 Prof Ewine van Dishoeck: Under one Sky

00:50:54 Prof Iair Arcavi: Astronomy: What is it good for?

01:07:37 Dr. Alan Roy: Space Sounds

01:18:52 Dr. Stephanie Juneau: Black Hole Powered

01:33:35 Dr Rocco Lico: Musical Intermission from Greenfinch Sound Project 

01:37:28 Dr Rachael Livermore: TEAM EU Intro

01:39:06 Liam Perera: A Microbe’s Guide to Space Travel

01:49:06 Dr Meg Schwamb: Spiders from Mars and more tales from Martial South Pole

02:03:28 Sandra Unruh: QuizzyQuiz AstroNews   

02:18:08 Prof Chris Lintott: Orion’s Armpit

02:32:18 Stellar Mark (Mark Richardson) & Nik “Star Man” Arora: TEAM Canada/East US Intro

02:36:03 Prof Sarah Hörst: The Dragonfly Mission to Titan

02:52:33 Matthew Pryal: Auroras and Magnetic Fields on Alien Worlds

03:05:22 Dr Nathalie Ouellette: Unveiling the Universe with the Webb Telescope

03:22:08 Prof Renée Hlozek: Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe

03:34:47 Dr Niall Deacon: Twenty Worlds Q&A           

03:37:05 Prof Katie Mack: The End of Everything

03:54:06 Prof Ashley Pagnotta: The Harvard Computers

04:07:48 Prof Joseph Bramante: Dark Matter & Exploding Stars   

04:22:12 Jacob Luhn: Gravitational Lenses       

04:35:05 Rebecca Larson (AoT ATX) & Dr. Cameron Hummels (AoT LA): TEAM Central/West US Intro

04:37:09 Dr. Andy Howell (AoT SB, Science vs Cinema): How do you talk to an alien?

04:51:31 Christine Ray (AoT SATX): The Search for Life on Ocean Worlds   

05:04:11 Dr. Jessie Christiansen: The Exoplanet Wheel of Death     

05:18:55: Alex Riley (AoT BCS): Astronomy in the News

05:31:31 AoT LV Shoutout Video     

05:33:33 Dr. Joe Burchett (AoT SC): Gas in Galaxies

05:47:48 Prof. Megan Donahue (AAS): Supermassive Black Holes in the Center of Galaxies

06:00:22 Dr. Andrés A. Plazas Malagón (AoT Trenton & AoT STL): Introducing the Vera C. Rubin Observatory

Rapid Fire Talks

06:16:14 Logan Pearce (SpaceDrafts): What’s SETI Up to These Days?

06:19:38 Sarafina Nance (Drunk Science): What Happens to Stars When They Die?

06:22:32 Rose DF (ASU): Is There Intelligent Life Elsewhere in the Universe?

06:26:40 Taylor Hutchison (Unique Scientists, AoT BCS): Who Clears the Cosmic Fog?

06:29:56 Jason Achilles: Can we Hear Sound on Mars?

06:35:00 DJ Carly Sagan    Thank Yous

06:45:00 DJ Carly & Bobak Ferdowsi play Name That Moon!

Special Thanks to Kate Storey-Fisher for preparing a talk about Isaac Newton’s quarantine that we ended up not airing – watch this space foer her AoT debut!

Astronomy on Tap is a worldwide constellation of public outreach events in which professional astronomers give entertaining presentations at a local bar on topics of a broad interest in astronomy and astrophysics. Now that we’re at home on the couch, make sure you bring your own beverage, and your brain!