Discover the Universe with scientists, educators, writers, artists, and other cosmic enthusiasts at a bar near you!

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Each (usually free) event features accessible, engaging presentations on space and science topics ranging from planets to black holes to galaxies to the beginning of the Universe, along with trivia, games, prizes, music, and other surprises! Presenters are typically from local research and educational institutions, but we also host visitor speakers with various backgrounds and roles as scientists, educators, artists, and more. There is always plenty of time to ask questions and interact with the presenters and other scientists who inevitably tag along for the fun.

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32 thoughts on “Discover the Universe with scientists, educators, writers, artists, and other cosmic enthusiasts at a bar near you!”

  1. Greetings fellow stargazers!

    I am interested in contributing to any effort bringing an recurring “Astronomy On Tap” event to the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. I am not a professional scientist, but am trying to get into the science education and outreach field … and I like beer. Arizona produces a lot of space science and the people here have a better than average relationship with their public lands and dark skies and, although the Valley is quite spread out we have a thriving nightlife as well. I have experience in A/V tech, event organization, and amateur astronomy and know a few folks (a/v tech, science teachers, etc.) who might also be able to help out.

    Please let me know if you have any plans for Arizona or know any astronomers who might want some help starting an event.



    • There are a lot of professional astronomers nearby in Tucson and Tempe so there is a strong possibility we can start an event series there! Send us an email (astronomy on tap at gmail – no spaces)!

    • Hi Jarred,

      Come out to Phoenix Comicon next month and network with some of the astrobiologists from ASU. There will be plenty of beer geeks around too.

    • Jarred and those who want to open this up to the Phoenix market – LET’S DO THIS! I can help coordinate locations, communications or otherwise. Yay for Tucson, but lets bring this home to the mothership PHX.

      • Please get in touch via our gmail address: astronomyontap!

    • Hi Jarred,

      I’m a professional astronomer and want to start Astronomy on Tap in Tempe.
      Let me first contact NYC organizers for details and get back to you?


    • Yes! I would love to have this in Phoenix (or Tempe), AZ. I see there is one in Tucson this Wednesday, but it is a 2 hour drive and I wouldn’t make it on time after work.

  2. We need this in florida! There are a lot of young adults and plenty of breweries. I do not represent any brewery or bar, however, I do frequently visit them haha so if I could help you out with a list of possible locations in central/south florida up through the treasure coast let me know. I think Orlando would love it. I’ll have to catch Astronomy on Tap on my next trip to NY! Until then. -Samuel

  3. This looks very interesting, two of my favorite things, Astronomy and Beer, can it get any better?

  4. Hello!

    Love the concept of Astronomy on Tap, just keep waiting for a Boston event to be scheduled! Hope it happens soon, I’ll be there.

    • So are we! It all depends on the interest & availability of local astronomers, which can be highly variable.

        • We’ve started the Boston chapter in January, and have an event about once a month. Currently events are held in Cambridge, but we are working on getting a venue in Boston as well (probably near Haymarket).

          The next one is (in Cambridge) on Monday, April 17:

          Hope you can make it!

  5. Is there a group for San Francisco/Bay Area or one in the works?

  6. I’m very proud of Lansing on having this in there area (Go State!)
    Is there any interest of one in the Metro Detroit area? I would love to be a part of it.

  7. Hi, we started an astronomy group in Belmont, North Carolina a year and a half ago and we pack ’em in for our monthly meetings and star parties. We do it out of a coffee shop and have 50 or so people show up for our free talks. We are into “edutainment,” making learning fun. Anyway, how can we get affiliated with AoT? We are trying to throw lite versions of our star parties (no pun intended) at a rooftop bar and this would be perfect. What do we need to do?

  8. Hi there! I recently found out about this event and wanted to offer a place for the event to take place. I recently opened a space themed brewery called Cosmic Brewery in Torrance and we are extremely interested in hosting events like this as well as other science related talks and presentations. We also have a great high tech tasting room available with plenty of beers to go around. Please contact us if you are interested in allowing us to host a regular event.

  9. Would love to get this going in Marietta, GA. There are so many venues that are possible. Anyone available to help?


  10. Hi,
    I am interested in starting an astronomy on tap chapter in Vancouver,Canada. Is this something that can be organized by an individual coordinating with the local universities?

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