Request a Satellite

Are you a connoisseur of the cosmos looking for an opportunity to engage with the public and share the Universe in an accessible, entertaining way? You might be interested in launching an Astronomy on Tap satellite location in your area!

Astronomy on Tap is brewed by an international ad hoc network of scientists, educators, students, and other space experts. Each satellite operates independently, but AoT is a worldwide community that shares ideas, resources, and puns. We also collaborate with amateur groups, research institutions, and cultural organizations. So if you enjoy answering intergalactic inquiries and cracking a cold one with other astro buffs, your stars might be aligned with AoT!

Contact our HQ at to request more information about organizing a local Astronomy on Tap event series or coordinating a partner event with your cultural institution, social venue, or research conference. Be sure to check out our Locations Page to see if there is already a satellite location in your area – please be patient, as our page is still under construction and is not fully complete. If there happens to be an AoT satellite already established in your area, we will be happy to get you in touch with the event organizers. You can also head over to our Global Map to see the current whereabouts of our active satellites.