Upcoming Events

Events are in the USA unless otherwise specified.

Saturday, June 1: AoT Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan)

Monday, June 3: AoT C’ville #4 (Charlottesville, VA)

Tuesday, June 4: AoT HD (Heidelberg, Germany)

Tuesday, June 4: AoT Boston (Boston, MA)

Wednesday, June 5: AoT SB (Santa Barbara, CA)

Thursday, June 6: AoT FLG (Flagstaff, AZ)

Thursday, June 6: AoT LV #3 (Las Vegas, NV)

Monday, June 10: AoT STL (St. Louis, MO)

Tuesday, June 11: AoT EDI (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)

Wednesday, June 12: AoT BUD (Budapest, Hungary)

Wednesday, June 12: AoT BR (Baton Rouge, LA)

Wednesday, June 12: AoT LAN (Lansing, MI)

Wednesday, June 12: AoT BCS #14 (Bryan, TX) Commemorating the 20th Year of Chandra X-Ray Observatory!

Thursday, June 13: AoT Kingston (Kingston, ON, Canada)

Friday, June 14: AoT T.O. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Monday, June 17: AoT DC (Washington, D.C.)

Monday, June 17: AoT LA (Los Angeles, CA) Third orbitversary!

Monday, June 17: AoT SD (San Diego, CA)

Tuesday, June 18: AoT GOT (Gothenburg, Sweden) Launch event!

Tuesday, June 18: AoT Rocket City (Huntsville, AL)

Tuesday, June 18: AoT ATX #57 (Austin, TX) Commemorating the 20th Year of Chandra X-Ray Observatory!

Wednesday, June 19: AoT NYC – Cosmic Perspectives (Brooklyn, NY)

Wednesday, June 19: AoT Trenton (Trenton, NJ)

Wednesday, June 19: Space Drafts #59 (Tucson, AZ)

Thursday, June 20: AoT C-U (Urbana, IL)

Thursday, June 20: AoT FLG (Flagstaff, AZ) Science on Tap Takeover!

Thursday, June 20: AoT Davis (Davis, CA)

Monday, June 24: AoT Oslo (Oslo, Norway)

Monday, June 24: AoT Leiden (Leiden, The Netherlands)

Monday, June 24: AoT SC (State College, PA)

Monday, June 24: AoT LA, Westside (Los Angeles, CA) Launch event!

Tuesday, June 25: AoT Bonn #10 (Bonn, Germany)

Tuesday, June 25: AoT MTL #24 (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Tuesday, June 25: AoT CO (Boulder, CO)

Tuesday, June 25: AoT Ensenada (Ensenada, Mexico) Launch event!

Wednesday, June 26: AoT SEA (Seattle, WA)

Wednesday, June 26: AoT CT (New Haven, CT)

Saturday, June 29: AoT Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan)

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List of Past Events

What to Expect

Astronomy on Tap is not your typical science lecture. Each event typically features two or more accessible, engaging science presentations on topics ranging from planets around other stars to supermassive black holes to the beginning (and end) of the Universe.

Presenters are your neighbors, who also happen to be scientists and educators at local research and educational institutions or their collaborators and friends who are visiting or passing through town. This is their chance to share their most recent research results, experiment with new ways of explaining their explorations of the Universe, and to be honest about which over-hyped results are complete and utter bull sh–.

We strive for a relaxed and informal atmosphere (okay, fine, the booze helps), and there is always lots of time to ask questions and interact with the presenters and other scientists who inevitably tag along for the beer.

Most events have games and prizes to test and reward your new-found knowledge, and you could even win Neil Tyson’s Trash Treasures (TM) in NYC! But don’t tell Neil Tyson lest he wise up and change the lock on his office door. 😉