Astronomy Outreach Like a Rocket in PlanetS Newsletter, Switzerland (March 2019)

Wissenschaft in der Kneipe: Astronomy on Tap (audio in German) on Radio Bern RaBe (February 2019)

Microbrews and meteors: Astronomy on Tap Seattle turns science into memes in The Daily (January 2019)

To learn about the universe from Caltech astronomers, all you have to do is end up on the right train or sidewalk in Pasadena Star-News (August 2017)

Chicago won’t see eclipse spectacle of Carbondale, but excitement palpable in Chicago Tribune (August 2017)

Astronomers Tackle “Political” Science on WNYC (April 2017)

Scientists Share Astronomy With Public In Unusual Way On South Coast on KCLU (March 2017)

Bajillion Nights of Fun at The North Door With Austin-Weird Events in Austinot (February 2017)

Astronomy on Tap celebrates science and booze in Time Out Los Angeles (January 2017)

Astronomy on Tap lights up the nights in Astronomy Magazine (December 2016)

Galaxy Quest: At Astronomy on Tap, space and beer pair well together in Austin Monthly (October 2016)

Astronomy on Tap featured in LA Weekly’s list of awesome things to do in Los Angeles (July 2016)

Alien megastructures and more brought a packed house to Astronomy On Tap at Bar New Haven (March 2016)

Radioactivity is good for you (Seattle, January 2016)

UT Austin Postdocs Serve Up Astronomy and a Pint (November 2015)

The Cocktail at the End of the Universe* (NYC, October 2015)
*trust us, we’re in there.

Turning on to the Stars Again by Amy Tyndall (founder of AoT Chile) in Astronomy magazine! (October 2015)

There’s A Black Hole In My Beer: Astronomy On Tap Comes To Lansing (July 2015)

AoTATX on Other Worlds Austin (July 2015)

Exoplanets, killer stars, and beer (Seattle, July 2015)

Astronomy on Tap takes a look at the first Pluto pics from New Horizons (Seattle, July 2015)

CosmosOnTap by Break ThruRadio [warning: autoplay radio!] (June 2015)

World Science Festival Night Lights, Big City (including AoT triva) on (June 2015)

AoT T.O. interview on Fred & Mel on 102.1 the Edge (May 2015)

AoT Chile in the newspaper La Tercera (May 2015)

Cannibal galaxies and asteroid mining (Seattle, May 2015)

Game of Thrones and black holes at latest Astronomy on Tap (Seattle, May 2015)

Tycho & Carly interviewed on Weekly Space Hangout from Universe Today (May 2015)

Strange Brew by Larry Faltz for the Westchester Astronomers Newsletter (May 2015)

Gamma ray bursts, galaxies, exoplanets, and beer – (Seattle, March 2015)

AoT ATX interview on KXAN’s Studio 512 (March 2015)

AoT T.O. interview on Fred & Mel on 102.1 the Edge (February 2015)

AoT CT in The New Haven Independent (December 2014)

AoT ATX in the Austin American-Statesman (November 2014) article on Astronomy on Tap NYC (August 2014)

Astronomy on Tap CT in the New Haven Independent (June 2014)

We’re taking credit for the Neil deGrasserac Tyson cocktail available at Pacific Standard (March 2014)

Gothamist post on #StarWink (March 2014)

NY Post article on #StarWink (March 2014) preview of #StarWink (March 2014)

StarTalk Radio Blog reviews Astronomy on Deck (December 2013)

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