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Astronomy on Tap is going strong in San Antonio, TX!

Drink in the Universe with Us! 

Astronomy on Tap SATX is a monthly event where two scientists give ~15 min. presentations about exciting space-related topics while you “drink” it all in at a local bar! We also talk about the latest science in the news and cap it off with trivia and prizes! 

We often “tap” into our local supply of incredible scientists – many of our speakers live and work right here in San Antonio! 

AoT SATX Schedule

EventDateLocationSpeakers & Topics
AoT SATX May 2022May 4, 2022 6:30 – 8:30Blue Star Brewing Co.TBA
SATX #12
7 – 9 pm
Blue Star
Brewing Co.
DreamWeekSan Antonio
Dr. Natalie Hinkel
From Stars to Planets to You!
Dr. Rob Ebert
Small Satellites, Big Science?
SATX #13
6:30 – 8:30
The Witte Museum Mars Attacks!
Dr. Alejandro Soto
Dust Storms on Mars
Dr. Danielle Wyrick

Mars: An Earth that Was
SATX #14
7 – 9 pm
Blue Star
Brewing Co.
Dr. David Trossman
Earth is not a closed system: Earth <3’s space science!
Dr. Cesare Grava
Mercury Explorers: Some Like it Hot!
SATX #15
7 – 9 pm
Blue Star
Brewing Co.
Lizeth Magaña
The Moon: Some like it Cold!

Dr. Amanda Stockton
Icy Moon Penetrator: Search for Life Under the Ice
SATX #16
7 – 9 pm
Blue Star
Brewing Co.
Dr. Michael Poston
Lab Simulations of Planetary Surface Chemistry

Dr. Rohini Giles
Ground-Based Observations of Jupiter
AoT SATX #178/7/2019Blue Star Brewing Co.Dr. Todd Veach
180 days of night: Life at the South Pole

Dr. Eric Schlegel
Do Black Holes Actually Burp?
AoT SATX #189/4/2019Blue Star Brewing Co.Dr. Fran Bagenal
Voyagers’ Exploration of the Outer Unknowns
Dr. Shawn Brooks
Cassini and Saturn’s Rings: What we Learned at the End of Things?
AoT SATX #1910/10/2019Witte Museum20th Anniversary of the Chandra X-ray Observatory Special!

Astronaut, Col. Eileen Collins
Launching the Chandra X-ray Observatory from Shuttle Mission STS-93

Dr. Rodolfo Montez, Jr.
20 Years of Science with Chandra
AoT SATX #2011/13/2019Blue StarDr. Pippa Molyneux
JUICE – Squeezing the Secrets from Jupiter’s Icy Moons

Dr. Akbar Whizin
Space Mining: Identify, Extracting, and Utilizing Resources from the Moon and Beyond
AoT SATX #211/29/2020Blue StarDr. Vincent Hue
The Transit of Venus: How to Scale the Solar System

Dr. Tracy Becker
Rocks in Space: the Impact of Asteroids on Our Past and Future
AoT SATX #222/26/2020Blue StarDr. Angela Speck
In the Shadow of the Moon: Eclipses over San Antonio

Astrophotographer Robert Reeves
Understanding the Face of the Moon
AoT SATX #233/25/2020Blue StarEVENT CANCELLED
Due to concerns about COVID-19
AoT SATX #234/22/2020Scobee Education Center / SACSpecial Earth Day Celebration!

Katie Raney
Wild Night Life: Why Dark Skies Matter to Nocturnal Animals

Susan Pope
Earth’s Hurricanes from Space using the CYGNSS spacecrafts

We are especially grateful to the Blue Star Brewing Co. for hosting our events! Join us at Blue Star: 1414 S Alamo St #105, San Antonio, TX 78210.

Events start at 7 pm, but we highly recommend coming early for parking and finding a seat!

Excited about the next event? Use #AoTSATX on Instagram or Twitter for your messages or pictures to be displayed during the AoT event!

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AoT SATX is currently organized by Dr. Vincent Hue, Dr. Tracy Becker, Lizeth Magaña, Christine Ray, Adam Bark, Samantha Toback and Brian Beck, with some support from the Southwest Research Institute.