AoT and Pint of Science, Wednesday May 25 7 pm in Manhattan

Astronomy on Tap regularly brings science and alcohol together. In our special event for the Pint of Science festival, we will explore the scientifical (and puntastical) connections between the two. Join us at the galactic bar as we sip on (or chug) stardust! Tickets are just $5, and as usual for non-free events, we’ll donate to Donors Choose!

What & Who:

Spending Too Much Time at the Galactic Bar
Adrian Price-Whelan (Columbia University)

Hey Milky Way, You Are What You Eat!
Duane Lee (Vanderbilt University)

Go Home Universe, You’re Drunk
Summer Ash (Columbia University)

Wednesday May 25,  7-9:30 PM

85 Avenue A
New York City, NY 10009

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