AoT EDI #3 – 8th May @ The Tron

Where: The Tron pub, 9 Hunter Square, Edinburgh

When: Tuesday 8th May

Time: Doors open 19:30, ready to start at 20:00

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In our May event, we will have three super talks for you, from three equally super people:

    • Ben Giblin (Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh)
      Making (Gravitational) Waves
      The Universe predicted by Albert Einstein is one in which black holes dozens of times more massive than the Sun collide, and send their death rattles echoing across the cosmos. In this talk, we explore Einstein’s astonishing legacy (with power drills).

    • Dr Ruben Sanchez-Jassen (UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Edinburgh)
      What is a Galaxy?
      What is a galaxy? A bunch of gravitationally-bound stars, right? But so are star clusters. In this astronomical version of ‘Guess Who?’ we’ll learn what ultra-faint galaxies are, and how to tell them apart from star clusters.
    • Dr Alastair Bruce (Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh)
      Why Bad Movie Science is Good for You!
      What would’ve actually happened to Einstein the dog? Did Flash Gordon really save the Earth? Will I have the guts to watch Geostorm before I finish writing this talk? Watching shonky sci-fi is not only good for the soul – it’s your civic duty… Would you like to know more?

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