AoT EDI #4 – 12th June @ The Tron

Join us for ‘Astronomy on Tap’ in Scotland’s capital city.

Where: The Tron pub, 9 Hunter Square, Edinburgh

When: Tuesday 12th June

Time: Doors open 19:30, ready to start at 20:00


    • Alexandra Amon (Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh)
      The 96%: the Universe you don’t know
      Everything you see, hear, feel and know – from the oxygen you breathe, to the planet you live on and the stars you see- is the 4 percent. Everything you think our Universe is made of is only the 4 percent. 96% percent of our Universe is Dark: it comes shrouded in the form of dark energy and dark matter that evades our understanding. Come along and we’ll shed some light on our Dark Universe!
    • Francesca Lane (Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh)
      What’s a mathematician like you doing in an observatory like this
      One of the best kept secrets in astronomy is how little we really know about the Universe. We’ve given the two largest bits cool and mysterious names: dark matter and dark energy. However, ~50 years on we are still arguing over what they’re made of and how to describe them. I will attempt to tell you what we know they’re definitely not and how mathematicians like me are trying improve our understanding.
    • Dr Nick Ross (Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh)
      What is a Quasar? And why Black Holes get a bad rap.
      What exactly is a quasar? And why do we care?And do black holes really suck in everything around them?I’ll give a quick explanation and update on what a quasarreally is, why these crazy objects are useful to astronomersand hopefully dispel a few myths about black holes.

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