AoT EDI #9 – 11th December @ The Tron

Where: The Tron pub, 9 Hunter Square, Edinburgh

When: Tuesday 11th December

Time: Doors open 19:30, ready to start at 20:00

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Dr Teresita Suarez

Jupiter Through the Looking Clouds

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System and one that possess the deepest mysteries in our solar neighbourhood, including its characteristic giant red spot. Several missions/spacecrafts have visited Jupiter in the last decades for exploration, providing us with stunning images and evidence of what lurks underneath those spectacular clouds.

Dr Will Brown
Magnetic reversals: fact, fiction and terrible science-fiction
We regularly hear of our impending doom as the Earth’s magnetic poles could flip any minute! It’s amazing how the media know before the scientists… Unless the world ends first, come hear what we know about magnetic reversals, what we don’t know, and what’s plain made up.

Dr Ciaran Beggan Sensing the Northern Lights with a Raspberry Pi Magnetometer This talk will focus on a project to measure the magnetic field changes caused by the Northern Lights (or aurora borealis) in schools around the UK. Using off-the-shelf sensors and the cheap computer called the Raspberry Pi, it is possible to build a near-scientific level sensor for £150 which is around 1/100th the price of a professional instrument. He will talk about how to build the sensor and show examples of measurements from a big storm in September 2017 which was captured across the country from Benbecula to Norwich.”

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