Astronomy on Tap ATX #61, October 22, 2019

On October 22, join Astronomy on Tap ATX at our 61st event#AoTATX61 will be dedicated to the Bash Festival at the Department of Astronomy at UT Austin that brings in outstanding young researchers from around the country.  Dr. Evan Schneider, a NASA Hubble Fellow from Princeton University will tell us about how video games have helped astronomers explore galaxies on supercomputers!  Dr. Arpita Roy, a Robert A. Millikan Prize Fellow from Caltech will tell us stories about how she developed a technology to stabilize light from telescopes pointing at exoplanetary systems and how she used the same technology to build high-resolution microscopes for diagnosing disease.  Dr. Hannah Wakeford, a Giaconni Fellow at the Space Telescope Science Institute will then tell us about the wild, extreme space weather in our solar system and around alien worlds in exoplanetary systems.

#AoTATX61 will be hosted by our Host Stars, Chaos Cloud (Rebecca Larson) and Deep Space Shine (Dr. Micaela Bagley)! In addition, #AoTATX61 will feature Astronomy News by Whatamerger Jr. (Jackie Champagne) and It’s a TRAPPIST (Danny Krolikowski), trivia, and new AoTATX merchandise.  Finally, we will have telescopes on hand to look for exciting objects in the night sky (weather permitting)! Join us for a night full of astronomy fun over pints of beer!

As always, AoTATX is FREE and open to all ages, and Pueblo Viejo will be open to purchase tacos! The North Door alley bar opens at 6pm. The show starts at 7:30pm. You can tweet with #AoTATX61 to ask questions during the show!  Find us on Facebook (Astronomy on Tap ATX), Twitter (@AoTATX), and Instagram (@AoTATX).