Astronomy on Tap Munich – 26/2

 After the successful launch (all thanks to you!) all the way to the stars last month, Astronomy on Tap Munich is back to lift you up and knock you off your feet again!

This time, as we seek for the invisible, our earthly instruments will not be enough to face the challenge – but worry not! Dr Esra Bulbul will be there to lead us and direct our gaze in the Dark Matter Searches with Space Telescopes. While we make no promises that all that is lost will be found on the evening, we shall certainly try our best and Esra will be there to answer your deepest darkest questions about the quarter of the Universe that we cannot see.

Ever wondered what the life of a baby star is like? We will follow the light to come back from the dark side with our guide Dr Dominique Segura-Cox! She will share her Baby Photos: Star Formation Caught in the Act. While these will most likely be less embarrassing than the photos of our youth, we are sure that after Dominique’s talk you won’t see the stars the same way ever again. 

As always, there will also be games and prizes (and a microphone!), many opportunities to ask all the space questions you have ever had and the ever-cosy atmosphere of Kooks pub (we will make sure the taps are filled with more than astronomy)!  We can’t wait to see you there! Doors open at 19:30.