Did you know that Astronomy on Tap is organized on an entirely volunteer basis by scientists & educators? We dedicate our time, energy, and liver function to bring astronomy to you, the public, in the most entertaining ways possible, all for free!

But as it turns out that glow sticks don’t grow on trees so we’re going to shamelessly ask for donations. At NYC events we’ll have help from our newest Space Cadet, Space Bear! If you’d like to support us monetarily, you can make a donation via PayPal or even just buy something through our Amazon Affiliate link.

2015-02-12 21.32.34

Space Bear at the Way Station

Space Bear and all the AoT Space Cadets appreciate your support!

Astro Bear

The creation of Space Bear, now ready for launch!


One thought on “Donate”

  1. I just discovered Astronomy on Tap the last time you guys were in Seattle, at Peddler Brewing, and I am in love! Having to cover the whole country, it looks like you will not be in my neck of the woods nearly as often as I would like. Would you have any recommendations to other astronomy related events that happen more regularly in Seattle?

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