Flagstaff, AZ

Astronomy on Tap Flagstaff is a free night of engaging science presentations, interactive trivia, and prizes! Topics range from telescopes to black holes and galaxies. Presenters will include astronomers from area observatories, universities, and other scientific institutions. 

AoT Flagstaff was started in March of 2019 by Lowell Observatory staff with the dream of bringing the awe and wonder of astronomy to the Flagstaff community.

AoT Flagstaff occurs on the first Thursday of each month @ Southside Tavern in downtown Flagstaff.

AoT Flagstaff will also be taking over some of the Science On Tap Flagstaff nights @The Green Room, so keep your eyes open for those events!

AoT Flagstaff Events

April 2020 – Modified Online Event
Lowell Observatory will not be hosting any in-person events in the month of April, we will be offering a number of live-streaming experiences that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Please visit the Lowell Observatory YouTube Channel for all upcoming events!

March 5, 2020
Topic: 1 Year Anniversary Celebration
6:30 pm  – Doors Open @ Southside Tavern
7 pm – Alcohol in Space | Dr. Michael West– Deputy Director for Science Lowell Observatory
7:40 pm – Trivia and prizes!
8 pm – A Pint of Neutrinos | Kyler Kuehn – Deputy Director for Technology Lowell Observatory

February 6, 2020
Topic: All Things Pluto
6:30 pm  – Doors Open @ Southside Tavern
7 pm – New Horizons Results | Dr. Will Grundy– Lowell Observatory Astronomer
7:40 pm – Trivia and prizes!
8 pm – “Pluto Vote” | Dr. Gerard van Bell – Lowell Observatory Astronomer

January 2020 – No Event
We have some sad news, unfortunately, AoT Flagstaff will not be hosting an event in January 2020.
AoT Flagstaff’s next event will be held on February 6th @ Southside Tavern
We will be celebrating the 90th anniversary of Pluto’s Discovery with Pluto Themed talks and trivia.

December 5, 2019
Topic: Black Holes
6:30 pm  – Doors Open
7 pm – The recent discovery of a superfast star ejected from a black hole | Kyler Kuehn
7:40 pm – Trivia and prizes!
8 pm – TBD

November 7, 2019
Topic: Stargazing Reimagined
6:30 pm  – Doors Open
7 pm – Selecting an optimal suite of telescopes for public viewing | Jim Cole
7:40 pm – Trivia and prizes!
8 pm –   The Messier Catalog | Kendall Garippa and Jos Schindler

October 3, 2019
Topic: Star Wars and Explosions in Space
6:30 pm  – Doors Open
7 pm – The Science of Star Wars: Robert Peralta
7:40 pm – Trivia and prizes!
8 pm –   Explosions in Space: Kevin White

September 5, 2019
Topic: Relics from Space
7 pm – Meteorite, Meteor-Wrong: Maggie McAdam
7:40 pm – Trivia and prizes!
8 pm –   Interstellar objects: David E. Trilling Ph.D.

August 1, 2019
Topic: Near-Earth Objects
7 pm – Debunking Armageddon: The true rate of asteroid impacts: Dr. Nick Moskovitz
7:40 pm – Trivia and prizes!
8 pm –  Finding Asteroids Now and in the Future: Dr. Michael Mommert

July 25, 2019
Astronomy on Tap takeover @The Green Room
6:30-8pm – Flagstaff Goes To The Moon: Kevin Schindler

June 20, 2019
Astronomy on Tap takeover @The Green Room
6:30-8pm –
Guided by the Night: Can Animals see the stars?: Dr. Michael West

June 6, 2019
Topic: Exoplanets
7 pm – Finding and Characterizing Exoplanets: Dr. Joe Llama
7:40 pm – Trivia and prizes!
8 pm – Building an Exo-Earth Hunter: Dave Sawyer

May 2, 2019
Topic: Cultural Astronomy
7 pm – Astronomy Under Arabian Skies by Dr. Danielle Adams
7:40 pm – Trivia and prizes!
8 pm – The Living Navajo Constellations by Misha Pipe

April 4, 2019
Topic: Dark Skies/ Dark Sky City
7 pm – Jeffrey Hall, Director of Lowell Observatory
7:40 pm – Trivia and prizes!
8 pm – Chris Luginbuhl, Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition.

March 7, 2019
Topic: Telescopes
7 pm – Dave Sawyer, Lowell Observatory Technical Project Manager presents: Space-Based vs. Ground-Based Telescopes: Under the Microscope
7:40 pm – Trivia and prizes!
8 pm – Dr. Gerard van Belle, Lowell Observatory Astronomer presents:
In-Space Manufacturing of Mega-Telescopes

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