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The original Astronomy on Tap, right here in NYC!  We bring scientists, educators, artists, and other astronomy enthusiasts to the bar to meet you!  Sometimes we veer off into Science Fiction, Dinosaurs, Politics, and other somehow related topics.  We always have fun!  We drink and chat and answer questions.  AND each event features a trivia game with “Neil Tyson’s Treasures” as prizes!!  YES – it’s a carefully curated selection of stuff that was sent to Neil Tyson, that he gives to us to give to YOU!

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-ALSO – check our friends at NYC’s Biology on Tap!




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13 thoughts on “New York City”

  1. I love your cosmos nights at Videology! I live in Northampton MA but try to catch them when I can.

  2. I’d like to know if I can bring my 15 year old grandson with me to your events when they are in bars?

    • Most events are 21+ (including NYC events at the Way Station), but check with the venue just in case! Many events are also live-steamed online or recorded and posted afterward.

  3. We had a recent trip to New York from UK and came across the WayStation for an evening of science and beer.
    Very good it was too. I’d never heard of this glorious combination before so decided to look out for local events now we are back in UK.
    Just found ‘Pint of Science’ in Sheffield could not refuse a visit. So thanks for the insight.


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