Cosmos Bingo!

Update #4: NEW NSFW-ish BINGO! This one is a little different but a lot of fun. Phrases in italics are implied/suggested so instead of Neil saying them, you have to shout them out at an appropriate moment to put a marker on that square. Again, we do NOT* recommend these as a drinking game (*we totally do).

NSFW-ish COSMOS BingoNSFW-ish Bingo Cards:

Update #3: We’re over 500 likes! Look for NSFW-ish COSMOS bingo this weekend!

Update #2: Like our page on Facebook! At 500 likes we’ll make a more “colorful” version of COSMOS bingo.

Update #1: We’re thinking of hosting a viewing party in NYC for the finale in early June. Suggest a venue here.

Pick a card, any card!
Print one of the PDF files below.

Play along at home during COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY Sundays at 9 pm on Fox.
Squares are a combination of words we’re sure Neil Tyson will say and words we wish he would say… poor brown dwarfs never get any love!

Make it a drinking game (at your own risk…)!
This game is in no way, shape, form, or spacetime dimension endorsed by Neil Tyson, anyone working on Cosmos, anyone at FOX, or really, any sane scientist.

Bring your winning card (five squares in a row or column, marked with as much context of the mention as you can, or I dunno, a sticker or nacho cheese or something) to an Astronomy on Tap event in NYC for a special prize!


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  1. Perhaps a more tongue in cheek change, Everytime Neil Mentions Climate Change, Evolution, the Ills of Religion.

    • Now I wouldn’t say “ills” of religion, but yes, there was an awful lot of Earth-based stuff in Cosmos … I suppose we astronomers should be counting Earth as a planet! Too bad Neil hasn’t given us previews of each episode to make our bingo even better.

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