Watch the COSMOS finale with us at the Way Station in Brooklyn!

UPDATE: The Way Station has a full day of awesome events!

5 pm: Moving Pictures screens a classic Cosmos episode

7:45 pm: Choirfly bring geek-a-pella to the stage

9 pm sharp: Cosmos finale

10 pm: Nerd karaoke from Kings of Karaoke

Make sure you arrive early so you don’t miss our games, prizes, and special guests!

Astronomy on Tap is hosting a viewing party for the finale of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey on Sunday, June 8 at the Way Station in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Join space cadets Christina Pease and Summer Ash as we celebrate not just the end of the series, but also the beginning of many, many, many re-watchings…

Play Cosmos bingo for awesome prizes, like tickets to the American Museum of Natural History and Neil Tyson’s Trash(TM)!

Sunday, June 8, 8:30 pm

The Way Station
683 Washington Ave
between Prospect and St Marks
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn 11238
A to Washington or 2/3 to BK Museum or Q to 7th Ave
B45 to Washington Ave and Prospect Place (stops right in front of bar)

4 thoughts on “Watch the COSMOS finale with us at the Way Station in Brooklyn!”

  1. Does Dr. Tyson know you’re confiscating his trash???

  2. Ok so I will be there bright and early but since its Brooklyn I really can’t bring a lot with me so we have a choice do I bring a telescope for the patrons to gaze through or am I Bringing T.E.A.C.H.U.R. my Jupiter Joe’s Sidewalk Astronomy Rover? Let me know because if I’m bringing the Rover I have to work on his vocabulary.

    • Hmmmm, how does the Rover feel about delivering drinks? 😉

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