AoT Köln: Online Event #9, 6 May 2021

Our next event will be next week! Join us when we learn about molecular clouds from Stefano Ebagezio 🙂 Stefano is a doctoral candidate at the Universität zu Köln. We will be live on YouTube at 19:00 CET on Thursday, 6 May 2021.

Title: “Molecular clouds: nurseries of stars”

Summary: “Greek philosophers thought that stars were fixed on the sky and eternal. This idea survived after the fall of the classic era up to when humans could observe the sky with modern instruments. Nowadays we know that the stars have a life-cycle and that they form in specific areas of a galaxy: the so-called “Molecular Clouds”. In this talk we will learn about these “stellar nurseries”, and in particular we will focus on how astronomers can say that stars are forming in a molecular cloud when they observe one of them. Indeed, this is a complex process, which requires not only a wide range of observations, but also a deep theoretical knowledge of phenomena happening in a molecular cloud. This knowledge has been in recent times more and more provided by sophisticated numerical simulations of molecular clouds and their physical processes.”

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