AoT-Louisville, Mar 2, 2022

“Rubin’s Galaxy”: Hubble Observations of a Gentle Giant Spiral

Benne Holwerda, U. Louisville

UGC 2885 was discovered to be the most extended disk galaxy [250 kpc diameter] by Vera Rubin in the 1980’s. It is close enough for HST observations to resolve the globular cluster population. This galaxy is a substantially more extended and massive disk than any whose cluster population has been studied before. This galaxy is an ideal test case of globular cluster-galaxy relations as it lies between spiral and massive ellipticals. We present our first results on the globular cluster population of this massive disk galaxy, proposed to be renamed “Rubin’s Galaxy”. Come for a guided tour at Monnik Beer Co., 1036 E Burnett Ave, Louisville KY 40217 at 7pm in the Upper Room.