Astronomy on Tap Triangle: Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Come check out Astronomy on Tap Triangle, our North Carolina chapter of short and engaging talks about astronomy over beer. Find us in the taproom of Fullsteam Brewery in Durham, NC — this is our thirty-second event held from 7-9 PM on Tuesday, March 1st!

We will be hearing about explosions in (and of) space!

First, we will learn about what neutrinos can tell us about supernovae. Neutrinos are weakly interacting particles that can penetrate matter in ways light can’t. David Calvert from NC state will show us how we can use these particles as a tool to probe the inside of supernovae and how they play a role in the new era of multi-messenger astronomy.

Then, Alex Sobotka from UNC Chapel Hill will talk about the Big Bang. The Big Bang is the prevailing theory in cosmology that describes the earliest moments of the universe. However, many people tend to misunderstand where the theory comes from and what it means. Let’s learn about what the Big Bang actually is!

Our FREE Astronomy on Tap events features accessible, engaging science presentations on topics ranging from planets to black holes to the beginning of the Universe. There is always lots of time to ask questions and interact with the presenters and other scientists who inevitably stick around for the beer.

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