AoT Baton Rouge – 18 Sept Varsity Theatre

Welcome to the greatest science talks in all of Baton Rouge! This month we have:

Nathan Miller

Quantum Computing: The Next Frontier

With the recent boom in interest in Quantum Technologies, the term quantum has become mystified.  This talks aims to describe some of the central phenomena to quantum technologies such as quantum randomness and non-reality.  Furthermore, the advantages of quantum computers will be discussed such as Shor’s algorithm and applications to big data, establishing the impact functional quantum computers will have to science and the public at large.

Shania Nichols

A Forecast for Exoplanetary Scales

Hi, I’m your Chief Meteorologist Shania Nichols for Milky Way Galaxy News. We’re going to take a look at extreme weather on exoplanets for your upcoming space exploration expeditions. But first, we’ll forecast for a few planets in our hometown, the Solar System.

Join us at 7 pm, 18 September at:

The Varsity Theatre

3353 Highland Rd

Come enjoy this FREE event at 7pm. Engage with real life astronomers and discuss the most exciting avenues of science all with the added excitement of beer.

We will have two featured short form talks with games, questions, trivia along the way!

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