AoT Louisville, Wed Sep 4, 2019

Star Smog: the role of dust in how we perceive galaxies.

Dr. Benne Holwerda, UL

Galaxies are made up of stars, gas, dark matter and dust. Dust only makes up a small amount of the mass, but up to half the starlight in a given galaxy could be invisible thanks to the small amount of dust. Come to see some of the techniques used to find where and how much dust there is in the swirls of spiral galaxies. Lately, accidentally overlapping galaxies show in vivid detail where the dust spread throughout the foreground galaxy. These make for some spectacular Hubble images. We’ll see you at Monnik Beer Co., 1036 E Burnett Ave, Louisville KY 40217 at 7pm in the Upper Room. See the AoT site for details.

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