AoT New York City, Thursday August 25 at the Way Station


Next year, in August 2017, the Great American Eclipse will sweep across the US! This Thursday August 25, come get drunk at the Way Station and learn about astronomical shadows: eclipses, transits, and even a nod to their shadowy cousin, the occultation! The event is free, and if you come early you’ll get a bonus FREE set of eclipse glasses so you can plan for 2017 in style!


Irene Pease, the Friendly Neighborhood Astronomer, talking about Mercury, Venus, and other transits.
Michal Simon, Stony Brook University, talking about the Great American Eclipse of 2017.
Demitri Muna, Sloan Digital Sky Survey, talking about occultations.
Moiya McTier, Columbia University, talking about the Kepler Space Telescope

When & Where

Thursday, August 25, 2016 at the Way Station, 683 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238

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