AoT Baton Rouge – 9 Oct Varsity Theatre

Welcome to the greatest science talks in all of Baton Rouge! This month we have:

Dr. Catherine Deibel

26Al: From Stellar Death to Planetary Birth

We were all made from stardust and some of that dust contained the isotope Aluminum-26. We will discuss how this isotope came to be and is responsible for life on earth . . . and maybe elsewhere.

Dr. Angelle Tanner

Red Sun Rising

When you look up at the night sky and see the plethora of stars, you can’t help but wonder which ones have planets or even life! Most of these stars are much smaller and cooler than the Sun and we call those stars M dwarfs. I will discuss what life may look like when your host star is an M dwarf.

Join us at 7 pm, 9 October at:

The Varsity Theatre

3353 Highland Rd

Come enjoy this FREE event at 7pm. Engage with real life astronomers and discuss the most exciting avenues of science all with the added excitement of beer.

We will have two featured short form talks with games, questions, trivia along the way!

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2 thoughts on “AoT Baton Rouge – 9 Oct Varsity Theatre”

  1. Can minors attend this event? My 11 y/o daughter is absolutely fascinated with Astronomy. I know the Varsity Theatre as a bar from my own days at LSU, but was wondering if this is a special event that may allow her to attend.

    • Hey there! The Varsity allows our events to be open to all ages. It sounds like your daughter will do fine at the event.

      We do ask that parents consider if their children can sit quietly (restaurant noise level) for approximately half hour intervals. Though that is mostly a concern for astronomers of single digit ages 🙂 !

      We hope to see y’all on the 9th!

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